Nightcrawler V4

The latest and production ready version of the Nightcrawler Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UVG). Originally created for USSOCOM for subterranean warfare, Nightcrawler 4 is a fully capable tactical rover for use with US Law Enforcement for active shooter situations.

Created For: USSOCOM / LEO
Skills Used: CAD / 3D Modeling / Engineering

Nightcrawler V4 is the continuation of the Nightcrawler unmanned ground vehicle series, meant to be a production ready unit. Nightcrawler V4 has been updated from the ground up to be a scalable and modular tactical vehicle geared for law enforcement to assist in active shooter situations.

Nightcrawler 4 is built as a platform independent unit, meaning I have decoupled the body from the chassis with an interlocking build plate. The platform body can be rapidly deployed onto any other conveyance while keeping all of its functionality.

Paired with active LiDAR and our proprietary  Thermal / Optical camera fusion, Nightcrawler supplies real time mapping capabilities along with real time video saved to its internal storage or streamed across 5g to a cloud server. Using machine learning on the live data stream, we can identify things such as shot fired or body position of people in its path, automatically dropping markers on a map as it goes.

Using an internal 2.4ghz MIMO MANET radio, the operator can control Nightcrawler from a safe distance and not be impeded by non line of sight obstructions.

Nightcrawler V4 features the following:

Platform Independent

Solid G10 Fiberglass Construction

Front and Rear Depth Cameras

Thermal / Optical Camera Fusion

1TB Onboard Storage

Active LiDAR

5G Enabled

Internal 2.4ghz MIMO Mesh Radio

Two Way Audio

130db Sonic Deterrent

Nightcrawler V4 has a broad capability for extended attachments such as a dual nozzle pepper spray cannon. This version of Nightcrawler was built to be a sensor forward model – meaning it can support a multitude of 3rd party CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) sensors with its open serial architecture.

Nightcrawler V4 is still in development and will be ready for market in Q1 of 2023. .