I am mix-breed artist /engineer operating out of the midwest for the public sector. 

I have 17 years of experience in UX / UI / Product Development and Engineering. I like to build robots, intuitive software and rapid prototypes. I am currently the Senior Product Manager at Axon working for TASER Robotics. I am not for hire.

Selected Portfolio Pieces

Confidential Works

Overence Technologies
Services: Research / Development / Design / Fabrication

UGV Control Application
Created For: Internal
Skills Used: UX/UI Design

Mobile Field Kit
Created For: Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
Skills Used: UX/UI Architecture / Design / Leadership

Wally, Digital Assistant
Created For: Personal
Skills Used: Design / Android / Product Management

Covid Fever Cart
Created For: Intel Corporation
Skills Used: Design / Fabrication / Product Management

Launchable CBRN Sensor
Created For: Internal / Redacated
Skills Used: Design / Fabrication / ATAK

Nightcrawler V3
Created For: USSOCOM
Skills Used: CAD / 3D Modeling / Engineering

Nightcrawler V4
Created For: USSOCOM / LEO
Skills Used: CAD / 3D Modeling / Engineering

Non-contact Heart/Respiratory Device